Ocean Presentation – Kino Learning Center

  • narwhaltusk-fightApril 21, 2009
  • Kino Learning Center
  • Small group of students, mixed grades, high school presentation
  • Sea of Cortez, ocean overview and conservation

We had a great presentation at Kino School this morning!  Spoke with a small group of mixed age students who had some really amazing questions and were very attentive! Many had done special ocean projects that went hand in hand with the items we brought to discuss in the presentation! Lots of interest in the squid and narwhal! The Great White Shark jaw was a big hit also! And what a surprise! The Kino school donated  several whale bones that they have had for quite a while to the Fin Foundation for use in our efforts to bring the ocean to the classroom! Looking forward to using the fin whale rib bones in future presentations! Thanks Jack and all the great students at Kino!

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