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Polar bears struggling to survive
Polar bears struggling to survive


The Fin Foundation is a non profit organization supported by donations, sponsors, sales and grants. We are always appreciative of any gifts you might give to help us continue bringing the ocean to the classrooms of the Southwest! If you are interested in giving a monetary gift, we have set up a paypal account and have tried to make the process as easy as possible for you!

If you are wanting to become a corporate sponsor, donate via check, or give non monetary items (your time and expertise, artifacts, aquariums, etc) please contact contact us to discuss arrangements.


The Fin Foundation reaches out to the people of Southwest, traveling throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. We give presentations in schools, libraries, clubhouses, and community centers each and every week! We do not charge for our presentations and services because we are supported by a great community and a strong set of corporate sponsors! If you would like to join our corporate sponsors, please contact us to discuss options and what we can do together to continue bringing the ocean to classrooms (and beyond!)