Biosphere2 – Education Booth

  • Sept. 11, 2010 – 10am to 1pm
  • Biosphere2, Oracle, Az
  • Open viewing near ocean
  • Education booth and shark school

Had the chance to set up the education booth again, this time with help from the MACS club (Marine Awareness and Conservation) from the Uof A! So cool seeing the next group of young scientists getting involved in marine education! By having more people there, we were able to get our gear on and hop in the Bio2’s ocean to do a little glass cleaning (on the viewing window!) The water is getting much clearer and soon it will not only be a great area for scientific advancement (Matt Sullivan’s Reseach has discovered a whole lot about marine algaes) but also a fun place for watching ocean wildlife!

We look forward to being back at the Bio2 for more gatherings and exhibitions!

We will be at the Biosphere2 again for our education booth! Lots of cool artifacts on display and a marine biologist to discuss the ocean and asnwer any questions you might have!

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