Flowing Wells Middle School – “Our Amazing Oceans!”

  • November 18, 2010 – 8:15am to 3:05pm
  • Flowing Wells Middle School – Tucson, Az
  • 5 classes, 40 students per (200 = total)
  • “Our Amazing Oceans!”

The start of one of our 5 presentations!

After our presentation for Mr. Miller’s class in October, we were contacted by the other science teachers and asked to come present to their students! We gladly accepted and spent the day showing “Our Amazing Oceans!” to these kids! It is exactly the situation we look for as many of these students haven’t seen the ocean before! We had a great time showing the ocean artifacts and putting questions out to these kids regarding adaptations and purpose for so many of the odd and interesting creatures found in the ocean! The teachers had been discussing these subjects in the week prior to our presentations so it all went well together! We look forward to coming back again soon!

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