Alma Elementary School – Our Amazing Oceans!

  • Alma Elementary School – Mesa, Az
  • May 19th, 2010 – 8:45am to 12noon
  • 500 students – kinder through 5th grade
  • Our Amazing Oceans!

Lots of learning going on at Alma Elementary School!

The little ones joining in on learning!

What a great experience for me! Going back to Mesa for a presentation was wonderful! The presentations were fun and the kids were really attentive and tuned in to what we were talking about! Love the questions that all the different age levels came up with! they are able to take in and understand information so much younger

than most people give them credit for! Too bad this school is changing next year but hopefully some of the teachers will get in touch and have us join them in their new schools!

One response to “Alma Elementary School – Our Amazing Oceans!”

  1. Deanna Semendoff says:

    We were so lucky to have you share your love of the ocean with our students. It was a great learning opportunity for our young desert dwellers. Being able to see and touch real artifacts was priceless. Thanks again.