Desert Dolphins – “Top Predators Disappearing”

  • March 16th – 7pm
  • Desert Dolphins Monthly Meeting, El Parador Resturant – Tucson, Az
  • 50-75 people
  • “Top Predators Disappearing” questions and discussion session

The Desert Dolphins presentation was loads of fun! After arriving early for dinner and social time, the meeting got started and it was great hearing about all the diving and experiences the members were having travelling the world! We began our presentation sharing some of the newest artifacts the Fin Foundation has received (being that we are so proud to be taking these items to schools!) then got started talking about the loss of sharks and polar bears in the wild! We used a new format for the presentation (keynote for the Ipad) and it all went off without a hitch! Lots of great follow up questions! and I loved that this well informed and tech savvy group kept me on my toes (gestation period for polar bears – 8 months!)! I also really liked meeting some new volunteers for TFF who introduced themselves to me that night!

Thanks to my mom and brother for joining me and watching as I continue to do what I love so much! Bringing the Ocean to the desert!

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