Gilbert Christian Elementary School – “Our Amazing Oceans!”Nov.10th,

  • November 10th, 2011 – 8:15am to 11:15am
  • Gilbert Christian Elementary School – Gilbert, Az
  • 250 students, kindergarten thru 5th grade – 3 presentations
  • “Our Amazing Oceans!”
The Fin Foundation presented to Gilbert Christian School on Thursday! We had a great experience as we shared our ocean artifacts and powerpoint presentation with three groups! Each presentation went really well, with lots of great questions from the students! The kids were attentive, curious, and excited about the ocean!
   We were really happy to also have Sage and McCoy in the audience and we took the time to bring them up during the presentations and used their help to show how big snails can really be and how fish swim! (benefit/cost of being related to the presenter?)

The Fin Foundation at Gilbert Christian School

We look forward to coming back to Gilbert Christian next year!

2 responses to “Gilbert Christian Elementary School – “Our Amazing Oceans!”Nov.10th,”

  1. Ann Flagg says:

    Mr. Pipes came to Gilbert Christian Schools and presented to three groups of children in grades K-5. They were captivated! Not only did he teach them amazing facts and solid concepts about the ocean, he kept everyone actively engaged for an hour. The Fin Foundation and Shawn Pipes provide a first-rate educational opportunity

  2. Susan Enright says:

    As the science teacher for grades 1-5 at Gilbert Christian Schools, I was so pleased to have Shaun bring the ocean alive to our students. They were engaged throughout the presentation. Because almost all artifacts were hands on (except for the whale vertebra), it was a true scientific experience for teachers as well as students.