Sandpiper Elementary School – “Our Amazing Oceans!”, “Shark School”, and more!

  • Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 – 8:00am to 3:00pm
  • Sandpiper Elementary School – Scottsdale, Az.
  • 300+ students, kinder through 5th
  • ¬†“Our Amazing Oceans!”, “Shark School”, and more! 6 presentations total

6 responses to “Sandpiper Elementary School – “Our Amazing Oceans!”, “Shark School”, and more!”

  1. Kristin Ryan says:

    Shaun’s presentations for our school far exceeded expectations for all grade levels. We have a two week ocean curriculum at the end of every year. Each grade level discusses a different part of the ocean for example: kelp forests, or rocky seashore. Shaun tailored each presentation to match our curriculum. Shaun has a natural way with children from kinder through 6th. He is absolutely engaging, has fantastic and appropriate humor and truly enjoys the children. We cannot wait for next year! The Fin Foundation is a MUST for every elementary school!

  2. Debbie Loerakker says:

    Our first graders LOVED the presentation! They moaned and groaned when it was over! Thanks so much!

  3. Missy Urlaub says:

    Terrific presentation. Can’t wait to have you visit again next year. The students were totally engaged and wanted to have you stay longer. Thanks for coming to our school.

  4. Nicole Flores says:

    Kudos to Sean and his enthusiasm, endless energy, and great information. It was amazing to watch him switch from theme to theme, by grade level as well as how he appropriately interacted with each age group. He is a master at holding attention, getting facts out, and managing big groups of students. Thanks for sharing with Sandpiper.

  5. Mercy Briceno says:

    The 6th graders loved the presentation! Great examples and stories! Hope to see you next year!

  6. Sandy Brown says:

    My fifth graders LOVED your presentation geared to our Open Ocean unit of M.A.R.E. From the Narwhal tusk, to the different shark jaws, to the whale bones, your hands-on approach and enthusiastic delivery kept the students fully engaged for the entire presentation. We were all very impressed. I hope you can come back next year!