Ocean Presentation – Zuni Elementary School

  • May 26th, 10:30 – 11:30am
  • Zuni Elementary School
  • Pre-school, 17 students
  • Ocean overview and conservation

WOW! What a fun presentation! Being so close to the last day of school, I was a little hesitant going into the classroom… but these little ones were AMAZING and so much fun! Loads of energy but all directed in the right way! I couldn’t help myself from laughing several times during the hour I had with these kids! Funny moment when asked what sharks eat, they all responded with… “PEOPLE!” I tried to assure them that they didn’t need to worry because sharks don’t eat people really, even though they eat meat… to which they all said ” PEOPLE ARE MEAT!” I just about died!:)

     Thank you so much for the great day and a special thanks to Courtney and her mom, Kirsten for helping to connect The Fin Foundation with a new school! Looking forward to more presentations in Scottsdale!

One response to “Ocean Presentation – Zuni Elementary School”

  1. Kirsten Alexander says:

    Well I have to say I have never been more impressed with a presentation in my life! Shaun was by far the best! He commanded the room from the moment he walked in and was able to captivate the attention of 17 four and five years for over an hour! They were amazed with the props and artifacts he brought with him…my 5 year old is still talking about it and can’t wait to learn more! She even asked me to buy her a book about SHARKS! (that was her favorite part)! I’m looking forward to having Shaun come next year to my her kindergarten class! Thank you SO much!