Ocean Presentation – Tanque Verde Elementary

  • May 20th, 2009  8:00am
  • Tanque Verde Elementary School
  • 1st grade, 40 students
  • Ocean overview and conservation

Just got back from Tanque Verde Elementary School! Wonderful group of 1st graders and super teachers! I love seeing how the kids interact when two classes come together for a presentation! The kids today were very well mannered even though they were super excited about the ocean and all that we were talking about! Lots of these students have been to the ocean already and had great stories to share! A lot of great questions about saving turtles and what we can do to help our planet get healthy again!

Had several parents sitting in on the presentation also, which always makes me happy! If we can get parents excited about the ocean and marine conservation, then half the battle is won right there!

Thanks to Manny Rameriz who sat in on the presentation as well… he is going to be helping the Fin Foundation out in some of its bilingual presentations in the future!

One response to “Ocean Presentation – Tanque Verde Elementary”

  1. Ashley Brock says:

    Wow! I have been a teacher for 10 years and Shaun was by far the best guest presenter I have ever witnessed. Everyone in the room was captivated by Shaun’s energetic and informative style. As a teacher, I was amazed at his presence, humor and vast knowledge held the attention of 40 first graders. The Fin Foundation has discovered a winning formula by presenting the perfect amount of ocean facts, props, children interaction and humor to make this material meaningful to the students. The remarkable Ocean Artifacts left the students awestruck! What a miracle to have found such a FANTASTIC Ocean Education Program in the middle of the desert!