Desert Dolphins Monthly Meeting- Shark Presentation

  • June 17th, 2009, 7:00pm
  • Desert Dolphins Meeting at El Parador Restuarant
  • All ages, open meeting
  • Shark presentation, Fin Foundation overview

resize-wizard-2Just returned from a wonderful meal and meeting with The Desert Dolphins Scuba Club here in Tucson! This organization has been around for nearly 50 years and continues to draw in divers from all over the southern Arizona region! Obviously these people were interested in ocean life and had great enthusiasm as we talked about sharks, conservation and the Fin Foundation. Many wonderful stories were shared about diving with sharks and other ocean creatures! Amazing group of people! I think many will start giving some of their time and photographs to our cause! AND spread the word about what we do! And help support us if they can! It was a great night! Thank you Desert Dolphins!

One response to “Desert Dolphins Monthly Meeting- Shark Presentation”

  1. We were treated to a fabulous presentation at the Desert Dolphins meeting last night. Shaun held all of us “seasoned divers” on the edge of our seats with full attention toward his thoughtful, informative and very entertaining presentation. Great job, Shaun! You have Desert Dolphin’s full support — and will be getting a check from us, too! Thanks!!! Shaun and The Fin Foundation present a wonderful learning opportunity for all ages.