The Fin Foundation at Thornydale Elementary School – March 5th, 2014

  • Thornydale Elementary School, Tucson, Az
  • 6th grade class in a joint effort with Desert Dolphins Scuba Club
  • Sharks!
  • 9:30-10:30am

The Fin Foundation will be conducting the Shark presentation for the Desert Dolphins outreach program at Thornydale Elementary School. The Dolphins have been presenting every week to a select group of students and their topics have ranged from the inverts all the way up to whales! We get to conclude the series with a special presentation on Sharks! (our favorite subject!)


What a fun time out at Thorneydale Elementary School! The presentation was for the GATE program and the students were 3rd through 5th graders! Lots of very curious minds soaking in the info about sharks! We showed all of our artifacts and brought out some of the special items we usually only use with high school students! Thanks to Annette from the Desert Dolphins for helping to get us set up with the school and for volunteering during our talk!

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