Ocean Presentation – Jewish Community Center “J” Camp

  • July 28,2009   9:25 am – 12:40 pm
  • Jewish Community Center
  • 1st and 2nd grade, 150 students
  • Ocean overview
exploring the oceans wonders!

exploring the oceans wonders!

Great day doing presentations at the “J” camp! We had 4 groups come in with about 40 kids each time so it was a busy day! The instructors were great! We were able to keep all of the kids interested and excited the whole time I think! Loads of questions were asked and a bunch of stories were told! The kids really enjoyed seeing the Great White Shark Jaw and the whale bones! We had the new banner up and I hope the kids saw it enough where they will remember who we were! And I hope they will remember to recycle their plastic water bottles to help save the turtles!

One of the classes learning about our oceans!

A GREAT group!

Thanks to Jaime  and Scott for contacting us and helping to get everything arranged! It was great and we look forward to returning sometime soon!



One response to “Ocean Presentation – Jewish Community Center “J” Camp”

  1. Jaime says:

    Shaun and Adrian did such a great job putting on a show for the kids. Our campers were mesmorized by the bones and artifacts they brought in to share and their enthusiasm for ocean life! In Arizona we don’t really have a hands on opportunity to see all the incredible knowledge and animals the ocean has to offer; the Fin Foundation is a unique way to overcome this. The kids are still talking about the whale bones and shark jaws they got to hold and had so many questions they didn’t want to leave the room at the end! At camp we like to make sure the kids have memories that will last a lifetime, and having the Fin Foundation at the JCC will surely be one of them! Thank you so much!