2009 – 2010 School Year!



Cayman Lettuce Slug

Cayman Lettuce Slug

 As the new school year gets started, we just wanted to let everyone know how we are doing! We have a bunch of new schools lined up for presentations already! (the schedule should be up in a week!) We will be heading north into the Phoenix area again where we will be working in at least two new districts! In Tucson, we are working with multiple school districts including Amphi, Vail, Tanque Verde, TUSD, and others! Hopefully we will be making our way into the Flowing Wells School District and the Marana School District as well!

     We will be making our way east as well, heading back into New Mexico and Texas! We are venturing into new areas all the time so if you are interested in having the Fin Foundation come to your school or district, just let us know!

    We are also doing new presentations, working on art projects, and conducting presentations in new ways to include people with different skill sets and abilities such as in the blind and deaf schools.

    We will be updating the crittercorner with new species every 2 to 3 weeks and will be taking submissions from local school children for publishing on occasion! Should be fun!

    Our video production program will be making its first adventure trip in early October when The Fin Foundation heads to Guadalupe Island for some Great White Shark diving! Look for the short videos in December!

    We have a new website that offers some of our photographer’s images for sale with the profits going to the Fin Foundation. Drop by and take a look around! It is just getting started but has loads of potential! www.FinFoundationImages.com

Manny showing students shark jaws!

Manny showing students shark jaws!

We continue to drum up great volunteer support and we are happy to say that our team is growing everyday! Michael Schrantz and Adrian Cardoni have been giving a great deal of their time over the summer to attend presentations and learn the Fin Foundation way! Steve Williams has been donating his creative touch for marine photography and set up the photography page! Travis Williams has been doing loads of presentation photos and studio work for us. There are many others and hopefully everyone who is lending a hand knows how much we appreciate them!

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