Laguna Elementary School – Our Amazing Oceans

  • November 25, 2009 – 9:35 to 10:30am
  • Laguna Elementary, Tucson, Az.
  • 5th grade, 60+ students
  • Our Amazing Oceans

Lots of fun today as we visited the 5th graders over at Laguna Elementary School! We were able to go through “Our Amazing Oceans” in the one hour format (had to speed up just a little!) and the kids all followed along just fine! Many of them knew a lot of basic ocean information already! That is so encouraging considering how far removed from the ocean we are here in the Southwest! Mrs. Hawes is doing a great job! Thanks for getting us set up and we look forward to coming back to Laguna!

One response to “Laguna Elementary School – Our Amazing Oceans”

  1. Sharon Hawes says:

    Shaun did an amazing presentation to my 5th grade students today. All of the students were engaged throughout the entire presentaion. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with my students. I look forward to having you in my classroom again in the future.
    Sharon Hawes
    Laguna 5th Grade