Ben’s Bells Kids Kindness Program


Sharing kindness...

Sharing kindness...

Just wanted to share a great moment! Earlier today at after our presentation at Ironwood elementary school, a nice young 2nd grader came up to us and handed me a Ben’s Bells kids kindness token! If you aren’t familiar with the program, it basically is all about recognizing kindness and sharing even more! The little girl thought we were kind for sharing our love of the ocean with her class! It will be our pleasure to have the token for a day before giving it to another person who shows kindness tomorrow!! Great feeling! Thanks Jade!!

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  1. Briana Luce says:

    This was such a cool moment! Our school has been promoting the program for three years now. It’s amazing when the children recognize people for specific kind acts and send the kindness beyond Ironwood’s campus! Your team deserves it! 🙂