Gridley Middle School – Our Amazing Oceans

  • October 29th, 2009 – 10:00am to 1:26pm two classes
  • Gridley Middle School – ¬†Tucson, Arizona
  • 7th grade, 55-60 students
  • Our Amazing Oceans

We gave two

Gridley Middle School

Gridley Middle School

separate presentations today at Gridley Middle School on the far east side of town! Loved working with the middle school aged kids as we were able to bump up the science a little as we taught them about the ocean and the creatures found in the waters all over our planet! Both classes were very enthusiastic (as was the teacher! Great to see!) and seemed to get a lot from our talk! The students, no matter what age they are, get so much from seeing the ocean artifacts up close! The seashells, the shark jaws, the whale bones… love sharing that with them! We look forward to coming back soon!

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