Soccoro School District Sight Impaired Presentation

  • Nov. 5th, 2009, 9am
  • Soccoro School District, El Paso, Texas
  • 5yrs -18yrs old, 75 students
  • Ocean Overview

A unique chance for the Fin Foundation to work from a different perspective! We are going to be conducting a presentation for a group of amazing young people with special needs… using mostly touch as a learning tool, we will be teaching ocean science and conservation to kids who cannot rely on their sight as a form of learning! This will be an amazing day for all of us! I cant wait!

One response to “Soccoro School District Sight Impaired Presentation”

  1. Ginger Dodge-Quick says:

    This was amazing! When this started out, people thought it was a “cute little program.” When it was over they were all amazed. I keep hearing great reports. We were able to reach kids from mildvision impairments all the way to medically fragile and totally blind. Thank you Shaun and Paul for bringing the ocean to my kids!