White Elementary School – Our Amazing Ocean

  • March 25th, 2010 – 10:00am to 2:00pm
  • White Elementary School – Tucson, Az
  • Kinder through 2nd grade, 360 students
  • Our Amazing Oceans
Kids on the outside stage!

Kids at the outside stage!

It was a fantastic day for us as we went back to White Elementary and spoke to all the k-2nd graders! We set up on their outside stage and had the perfect weather to do our presentation! The kids were amazing as we went through all of the basics for them and let them get the hands on learning experience that makes science so much fun! We even got the teachers involved with things as we did the penguin egg run! We also had a small group of special needs children join us and they were wonderful, and we got to see just how strong some of them were when they lifted the whale rib bone high over their head! These kids are developing some great learning skills at this school and I look forward to returning tomorrow for the older kids!

One response to “White Elementary School – Our Amazing Ocean”

  1. Kelly Faulkner says:

    Thanks again Fin Foundation!
    What a terrific presentation, the kids loved experiencing the ocean artifacts! I got great feedback from all the teachers! Can’t wait to have you back again at White next year!