Sonoran Science Academy – “Our Amazing Oceans”

  • April 23rd, 2010 – 12:15pm to 2:30pm
  • Sonoran Science Acadamy¬† Tucson, Az
  • 1st and 2nd grade, 100 students
  • “Our Amazing Oceans”

The great kids at Sonoran Science Academy!

Lots of fun at the Sonoran Science Academy!

Our first visit out to the Sonoran Science Academy and it was a blast! We saw two groups and they were amazing kids! Their brains were like little sponges soaking up the information about the oceans, the animals, and what we can do to help keep both of them healthy! There was one little guy that is bound to be a great marine biologist (as he was quick to point out a lot of cool facts about the ocean and its wildlife!) I really enjoyed seeing the campus as well and getting the feel for this charter school that does so well each year in all of the state testing! They work hard to do so well! Looking forward to coming back soon!

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