“Our Amazing Oceans” at Reid Park Zoo

  • Reid Park Zoo- Tucson, Az.
  • April 24th, 9am to close
  • 2000 people
  • “Free Day at the Zoo!” Ocean Discovery booth with Polar Bears

The new Polar Bear skull was out for people to see close up!

Join the Fin Foundation at Reid Park Zoo as they have their “Free Day at the Zoo” event! There should be lots of people exploring the zoo and it is a chance to see marine mammals in the Desert! Boris and Koby will be out on exhibit showing off their white coats and regal Polar Bear attitudes! Should be loads of fun! Come join in!

We were up early and out for the entire day (I should have worn sunscreen!) at the Reid Park Zoo! Lots of family out and about seeing the wonderful animals at the zoo! The Polar Bears were doing their part as they were very active in the morning! We presented some of our artifacts and showed a lot of people who and what the Fin Foundation is about! And we were able to use the Polar Bear Skull reproduction for the first time! The people really loved having the chance to see how big these animals really are and learned a thing or two about saving our oceans, our wildlife and our planet! Thanks to Caroline for volonteering!


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