Flowing Wells High School – Ocean Overview

  • Monday August 17th, 2009¬† 7:35 – 10:45am
  • Flowing Wells High School
  • 2 classes, 9th-10th grade, 55 students
  • Ocean Overview, mixed media
Our second class at FWHS! Amazing kids! Thanks Mrs. Waters!

Our second class at FWHS! Amazing kids! Thanks Mrs. Waters!

We had a great time at Flowing Wells High School this morning! Three of us went to Mrs. Waters class and spoke to two classes, doing the ocean overview with powerpoint presentation! Lots of enthusiasm in the class even though we started out at 7:30am! Great questions were asked by the groups, really showing how scientists are created! Loved that! There was a well informed student that knew so much, it was like being in the university forum again! Also had the chance to present to a second class that showed amazing attention and were really taken by the artifacts that we used! You should check in the gallery section of the webpage to see our artifacts! I cant wait to do more presentations to the great students in the Flowing Wells District! An additional note… It always makes me feel good about our public education system when administrators stop by classrooms to see what is happening on a regular basis… and not only did the Principal stop in, but so did other teachers on their prep period and one of the Assistant Superintendents of the district!

One response to “Flowing Wells High School – Ocean Overview”

  1. Bev Waters says:

    Thanks for the wonderful presentation. It had to be one of the best presentations I have had in the 28 years I’ve been teaching. All the artifacts, hands-on, humor, etc made it informing and fun. Now we need to get the kids to the ocean!!!
    Thanks again,
    Bev Waters