Davidson Elementary School – Ocean Presentation

  • Oct. 20th, 2009     1:00pm-2:25pm
  • Davidson Elementary School   Tucson, Az.
  • 5th grade, 60 + students
  • Ocean Overview with Mixed media

6th claw handed to studentWe had a great experience at Davidson Elementary School! We were able to use the library for our presentation and that allowed the students from several classes to be really comfortable as we ran through the ocean artifacts! The students In Mrs. Dorgan’s class are starting an ocean section in their curriculum with The Fin Foundation and will end it with a trip to California to see our amazing oceans up close! Thank you to Mrs. Dorgan for your commitment to your class and to ocean awareness in the desert! We hope to make The Fin Foundation a yearly kick off to your ocean section! A special thank you to Adrian for his time as a volunteer at this presentation!

One response to “Davidson Elementary School – Ocean Presentation”

  1. Ms. Dorgan's class says:

    Thank you for coming to our school. We can’t wait to go to California. Your presentation helped us get a closer look at sea life and learn more about marine biology. We are writing thank you letters and hope you will come back again this school year.
    Thank you again. We appreciate your phenomenal presentation!