White Elementary School – Our Amazing Oceans

  • Working in small groups...
    Working in small groups…

    Jan 15th, 2010  12:30pm

  • White Elementary School, Tucson, Az
  • 2nd grade,¬†25 students
  • Our Amazing Oceans

Had lots of fun today presenting to the 2nd graders at White Elementary school! This presentation was scheduled way back in September! The kids had a great time as we went through all of the different kinds of animals found in our oceans. We also talked about our oceans health and how these kids can help to save animals like Polar Bears and sea turtles! We look forward to coming back to this school to conduct more presentations, perhaps to the whole school!

Thanks to Board member Paul Zaman for volunteering to join in at the presentation and to Kelly Mack-Faulkner for having us in her classroom!

One response to “White Elementary School – Our Amazing Oceans”

  1. Kelly Faulkner says:

    Wow! What a terrific presentation. The kids were completely engaged and focused on the presentation. They loved the artifacts that they could hold. My kids discovered a world unfamiliar to them right in their classroom. They had lots of questions and the presenters were very patient. Can’t wait to schedule more for our school!