Academy of Tucson – “Our Amazing Oceans”

  • February 9th, 2010 – 9:00am to 10:15am
  • Acadamy of Tucson
  • 47 students, 6th grade
  • “Our Amazing Oceans”

We had a great presentation this morning at The Academy of Tucson! The students were wonderful! we ended up running longer than planned and all of the students still seemed completely thrilled with the presentation! Lots of great questions were asked and some cool stories were told! We love going to schools like this and look forward to going to their new site for our next presentation with them!

One response to “Academy of Tucson – “Our Amazing Oceans””

  1. Michael Creenan says:

    In addition to information about specific forms of sea life, Shaun presented facts relating to symbiosis, animal classification, balance of nature, food chains, food webs, and man’s (positive and negative) interactions with the ocean. He used his numerous hands-on visual aids to educate the students in an effective, entertaining way. Shaun related very well to the students,and he challenged them to make an ecological difference in how we treat our oceans and marine life. I highly recommend this presentation if your syllabus includes the ocean in any way, shape, or form!